Club Run Thursday 22 August 2013

Nine runners turned out. Some ran steady routes but the rest ran intervals up the hill through Scolty car park and beyond the kissing gate. This is undoubtedly a great way to train and affords us the opportunity to reform as a group after each interval during the recovery phase.

Club Run Tuesday 20 August 2013 – Incorporating a time trial

An encouraging turnout of 16 runners on a lovely running day. Not too hot and a dry summer’s evening that was surely made for running. A few slow recovering injuries and a case of Munro-exhaustion aside, the rest completed a time trial over the 5km and 8km routes as follows;

Name Distance Time
Jan 5km 30:39
Mark 8km 33:52
Dave 8km 36:54
Gordon 8km 40:07
Sandy 8km 40:29
Fiona 5km 40:39
Morag 8km 42:17
Bill 8km 42:27
David I 8km 44:10
Lesley 8km 44:14
Rick 8km 44:21
Lizzy 8km 49:46
Rob 8km 49:46