Club Run Tuesday 6 August 2013

Better turnout tonight with 11 runners. Nice night for a run. All three routes were used, but more and more now using a regular 8km. Talked about next week’s club birthday run. We will all meet at Scott Skinner’s  pub in Silverbank and then set off on runs through Crathes Estate, either a 5km or an 8km version. 10km also available.

Club run Thursday 1 September 2013

Dave, Lesley and Bill went out and completed 8 reps of 2 minutes fast alternating with 1 minute recovery. This is a very useful tool in training as it strengthens the legs, improves speed and cuts excess weight fast.

I ran the Crathes Half Marathon Route on Saturday morning. What a lovely day for it. The route can be a bit tricky to follow in places, so I have prepared a route description called Crathes-Half for anyone who would care to practice on the route.