Club Run – Thurs 28 Nov 2013

Jack managed his quick 8km thanks to John who chased him the whole way round. Joined by Katie, Lesley, David, John Mc and Bill. Afterwards I had to rush off to another appointment, but everyone seemed to enjoy their runs in the cool of the evening.

Club Run – Tue 19 Nov 2013

Ten souls and a Siberian Husky braved the near zero temperatures. 6, 8 and even theĀ 10km routes were well used by Andy, Jack, Shirley, Mark, David, Lesley,Gordon, Bill, Lizzy, Steve and Sasha.

Club Run – Thurs 7 Nov 2013

Just the five of us, Jack, Katie, Lesley, Niall and Ali turned out on a cool Thursday. Steve was seen tearing down the road after a Siberian Husky with a broken lead calling “Sasha, I can’t keep up,” into the night. Must be on his own time trial. lol

Met up afterwards in the bar with Lesley, Gordon and John.

Club Run – Tues 5 Nov 2013

Welcome to 5km specialist Niall Cunningham who joins us from Galway. Also-rans were Jack, Shirley, Fiona, Ali, Gordon, Steve, Lesley, Lizzy, John and Lesley. All routes were used on this pleasant evening.