Club Run – Thurs 27 Nov 2014

A fairly wet day, but the evening run was pleasant enough. Not much in the way of precipitation and no wind resulted in good running conditions. Small turnout with Jack, Bill, David, Lesley and John.

Club Run – Tues 26 Nov 2014

All things considered, it turned out a pleasant evening for a run. New runner Wendy was back together with Bill, Jack, Nicola, Shirley, Dave, Steve, Gordon, Sandy, young Leslie and Helen.

Club Run – Thurs 20 Nov 2014

Great turnout on this wet and rainy evening in Banchory. Proof that running in the rain is really  quite fun. Quite a few takers for the modified shorter version of our 10km route which comes in at a little over 9km. Runners tonight included Dave, Lesley, Bill, Steve, Gordon, John and Jack. Morag arrived a bit late and ran anyway.

Club Run – Tues 18 Nov 2-14

In between rain showers, it quite unexpectedly turned out a really nice night for running. Two dogs and a husky led the pack ,followed by Ali, Maggie, Bill, Dave & Lesley, Fred & Jen, Gordon, Shirley, John, Helen, Steve and young Leslie too.

Club Run – Thurs 13 Nov 2014

John, Jack, David, Lesley and Bill turned up on a blustery, stormy night. In no time flat it was pouring down and wetting us to the bone. The shower after was the most beautiful thing that happened to me ever! Well worth the pain.

Club Run – Tues 4 Nov 2014

Another great turnout with a dozen or more runners. Most went clockwise for a change to the 8 and 9 km routes. Ali suggests we advertise in the Deeside Gazette to further swell our numbers. For yet another year I am pleasantly surprised that runner numbers actually increase during the winter months. A big welcome to Wendy who joined us for the first time tonight.