Club Run – Tues 27 Jan 2015

Enjoyable evening run by Wendy, Sharon, Paul, Paula, Rick, Dave, Lesley, Gordon, Steve, Mark & Jack. Some ran 5km whilst others used the 8km route. Remarkably mild evening for this time of the year. Lots of runners planning their races for the year ahead.

Rob Bain reported an excellent time of 1:42 in the New Orleans Half Marathon on Sunday, wearing the club colours and all. Well done Rob.

Club Run – Tues 20 Jan 2015

Twelve Merry runners enjoyed a remarkably mild evening, given the snow and ice general environment. Turns out that the Deeside Way has been dangerous and difficult of late with large stretches of sheet ice. On the other hand we have enjoyed easy-to-run-on side-walks around Banchory that have been well cleared and gritted. The run tonight included Mark, Chris, Bill, Jack,Gordon, John, Lesley, David, Richard, Paula, Sandy and Paul.

Club Runs 13 & 15 Jan 2015

Cold and windy conditions this week did not stop the hardy regulars meeting and running the town routes on well gritted surfaces. Welcome to Wendy who joined the group for the first time on Tuesday.

Club Run – Thur 8 Jan 2015

Winter running at it’s best. Cool, but not freezing – light breeze and dry. Enjoyed by Jack, Lesley, Ali, Maggie, Wendy, Rick and Paula. Mark struggled a bit with an old complaint and the cold didn’t help. We used the 5 and 8km routes from the Sports Centre and it’s encouraging to see so many runners out and about through the winter months.

Club Run – Tuesday 6 Jan 2015

Ten cheerful runners and one pleasant, mild running night. We’re back at the Sports Centre now and our regular routes around the town.

Results for the LUMPHANAN 10km DETOX follow;

Pos. Bibno. Finish time Chip time Participant Category Club/Company/Sponsor Start time
46:50 46:41 Mark Crawford (M) Veteran40 banchory running club 11:31:04
47:26 47:20 John Mason (M) Veteran50 banchory running club 11:31:01
48:01 47:51 Sandy Reid (M) Veteran50 banchory running club 11:31:05
51:13 51:07 Gordon Smith (M) Veteran50 banchory running club 11:31:00
52:24 52:21 Jack Honey (M) Veteran50 banchory running club 11:30:58
52:27 52:17 Kerry Sutherland (F) Veteran40 banchory running club 11:31:04
52:50 52:39 Lesley Cheyne (F) Senior banchory running club 11:31:06
54:13 53:49 David Dawson (M) Senior banchory running club 11:31:19
54:51 54:41 Margaret Dornan (F) Veteran50 banchory running club 11:31:04
1:03:07 1:02:30 Ali Odds (F) Veteran60 banchory running club 11:31:31
1:03:21 1:02:38 Shirley Marshall (F) Veteran50 banchory running club 11:31:38
1:09:19 1:08:37 Lily Morrison (F) Veteran70 banchory running club 11:31:36
1:12:33 1:11:57 Lesley Young (F) Veteran50 banchory running club 11:31:30

Nice turnout by the club and over 400 runners in the race. Well done everyone.


Club Run – Tues 29 Dec 2014

An unexpectedly mild evening set the scene for a lovely run around Crathes Castle from Scott Skinner’s again. Sharon ran with us for the first time having recently moved to Banchory, joined by ten others including Lesley & Dave, Kerry & Mark, Sandy & son, Bill, Jack and co.

There is no club run scheduled for New Year’s Day, but a real wopper for the Lumphanan Detox on Friday and then a morning club run on Sunday 4th.