Club Run – Thurs 26 Mar 2015

Rain all day and quite cool, but more or less dry for the run tonight. Sam Smith ran with us for the first time after running his first ever half marathon at Inverurie last Sunday. Good for you Sam and I hope this sport is as good for you as it is for me – Pure Magic! Also-rans were Lesley, Paul, Rick, Jack and Sharon. Steve and Gordon came a bit late and we passed them doing the reverse circuit.

Club Run – Thur 19 Mar 2015

This was an outstanding Thursday run in every respect. Mild, spring conditions prevailed with a strong turnout of 12 runners. Sharon, Mark, Lesley, Bill, Jack, Gordon, Steve, Dave, John, Paul, Paula and Rick. Some of the boys did 10km each while the rest of us cantered around the 8km route.

Club Run – Tues 17 Mar 2015

A foggy night heralded in a surprising mild and pleasant run with Jack, Mark, Steven, David, Lesley, Bill, Sandy, Heather, Carine, Paula, Kelly and Wendy ran the course early as she had to be somewhere in the evening. Mark, Gordon and Dave did 10km and all other routes well used.

Club Run – Thur 12 March 2015

Tonight’s “Torch Run” around Crathes Castle started off from Scott Skinners Pub in the rain and about 7 degrees of temperature, which is most likely why only three runners showed up. Third place to Jack for driving the 500 yards to the start, second place to Bill who also drove, as he at least had a mile or two to get there from his home and first place must go to David who ran to the start wearing only shorts and a T-shirt. We passed Steve and Gordon en route, as they ran a different route at an earlier time in order to honour a prior appointment.

I certainly enjoyed the twilight run, although it got a bit hot at times inside my rain jacket. A quick shower, then a slow beer in the cosy Scott Skinners, is simply the best.

First Saturday of March Run

Six of us took to the hills and ran a delightful loop around the plantations of Durris. A number of course options offered themselves. Most ran the hilly section as well, which made the whole to be about 14km in an hour and a half. The scenery was magnificent and these runs are really just as much fun as a the bigger races we all love to enter.