Club Run – Tues 26 May 2015

Bill and Gordon used the 10k route and remarked just how great it really is with quite a challenging hill in the middle, then a gentle downhill amble through wonderful forest and views in all directions. Mostly the rest of runners including Dave & Lesley, Sharon, Wendy, Helen, Annabel, Chris, Paula and John Mac used the 8k, while Jack did a gentle introduction mile after being off running for a month or more.

Club Run Tuesday 12 May 2015

David, Gordon, Mark, Paul, John, Sharon, Morag, Helen, Wendy, Rob and the two Lesley’s all ran tonight on the various routes.  Sun was out and it seems to be getting warmer again.

Don’t forget about the Saturday run, will be about 11 miles, meeting at the guide hut at 9am.

Club Run – Thur 7 May 2015

Election day. The crowds entering the Guide Hut polling station did not deter determined club runners from putting in a good show on this cool, but mostly dry evening. Small group consisting Rick, Bill, Dave. Lesley, Paul and now Rosemary as a regular, ran a variation of the usual route, by going all the way to the top.

Club Run – Tues 5 May 2015

There was a lot of rain throughout the day, I know. But during the club run it was surprisingly light and not unpleasant. Local heroes Chris Low and Jan Leatham were the only ones who can rightfully attest to the truth of this statement – why? Because they were the only ones to turn up! The club is so much richer for having such shining examples in the membership – examples of doggedly determined road runners in the maintenance of their strength and vitality.

Well done Chris and Jan, I bet you feel not only better for your run, but also fitter and more accomplished than anyone else I know.

Club Run – Thur 30 April 2015

Another chilly but clear evening. Good turnout with Rosemary, Lesley, Dave, Gordon, Mark & Kerry, John, Chris, Rick and Bill. Looks like 2015 is going to be a good year for many of our members who have settled into a regular routine of running. Well done all, enjoy the benefits of good mental and physical health and the sheer pleasure we get from it.

Club Run Tuesday 28 April 2015

David, Bill, Steven, Gordon, Mark, Kerry, Emily, Sharon, John, Helen and Lesley all ran on the various routes tonight, the weather changed and it was a lot colder.


Well done to everyone who raced at the weekend, there were some excellent times and some PB’s.