Club Run – Tues 23 June 2015

Eleven runners enjoyed mostly the 8km route. Nice to see Oli again, joined by Mark, Jack, Bill, Lesley, Paula, Sharon, Young Lesley, Wendy, Helen and Jan. Mild, no wind and dry equals perfect running conditions.


Starlight Express 2015

After some indecision regarding the weather, we were gifted with a glorious, almost clear sky and mild conditions. There were only the four of us, so we went up at 11.30pm and reached the Scolty Tower on the stroke of midnight. This seemed a more appropriate time to do a soltice run after all and well enjoyed by Kerry, Mark, Jack and Rick.

Club Run – Thur 11 June 2015

Perfect summer running. John, Sharon, Bill, Dave, Lesley and Jack enjoyed a variety of routes. Thankful for the shade in the forest, most opted for 5 or 8km routes. 23 degrees in the shade and full sun.

Club Run – Tues 9 June 2015

Running at its absolute best! Terrific weather and the forest in spring played host to Bill, Jack, Rob, Kerry & Mark, Sharon, Wendy, Paul, Gordon and Sky, while Dave and Andy headed up the cycling section and took to the tar for a quick spin.

Club Run – Sat 6 June 2015

This little Saturday morning run took off from Potarach Bridge and followed the Deeside Way east almost to Blackhall, then looped back through Slewdrum Forest to the start. A great little route with no traffic. interesting scenery and hills, long hills! Enjoyed by Chris, Sandy and Jack on this windy day, but well protected by the trees. The Deeside Way at this point is still relatively new and is in pristine condition. For the loop back, the land rover tracks were a pleasure to negotiate and navigation the whole way is easy. I recommend this route which is really only a stone’s throw from Banchory.