Club Run – Tues 21 July 2015

Conditions could not have better. A clear, bright evening but not too warm and the forest washed clean with recent rain, if ever you need an excuse to run – this is it.

Relatively small turnout with Bill, Lesley, Paul, Wendy, Jack and Sharon who all really enjoyed either the 8 or 10km runs. David headed up the cycling section and joined us at the end.

Saturday morning run – 18 July 2015

After a stinker of day’s rain on Friday it was great to get out in fine dry but breezy conditions on Saturday morning as Bill, Sandy, Sharon, Lesley, Mark and Kerry positively raced (well!!!) for eight miles through the forest at Durris on gentle slopes and excellent underfoot conditions. Our only human contact was a group of hunters who, fortunately for us, had already bagged more slow moving prey and sported a dead deer strapped to their quad bike.

We missed out the difficult single path loop at the half way point and from there it was mostly downhill with a following wind all the way to the final gate where Speedy Mark and Ironman Sandy had been waiting half an hour for the rest of us to finish. Then home for a well deserved coffee and a buttery….fit fine!

Next up is a beautiful run with some fine views on Sat 1st August over the shoulder of Scolty and down to Strachan, across the Feugh and left towards Knockburn then left again to the Mill o Cammie, Gellan, Blackness farm and down to the Falls of Feugh at Banchory, whence back to the guide hut. 13 km and well within everyone’s capability. Hope to see you then!

Ps thinking of re-scheduling the Loch Muick run for September 5th instead of the Fungle. Any takers for that?

Bill Paul's photo.

Club Run – Tues 14 July 2015

A fine turnout with Chris, Bill, Sandy, Mark & Kerry, Lesley & Dave, Jack and Jan, in spite of pouring rain. Running wet is rarely a problem, but it’s always difficult to start off once the downpour has been unleashed. Luckily tonight it only began raining in earnest a short while before we set off, so it really wasn’t too bad. Jan Leatham emerged from the 7k route for the home run between Jack and Chris who were running the 8k version and separated by about 50 yards. And here she stayed focussed on Chris in the front and with the sound of footsteps behind, all the way home and pushing up the pace all the while¬†– well done Jan.

Club Run – Tues 7 July 2015

This run didn’t happen. Floods in the Deen and very wet everywhere else.

I stand corrected. Welcome to enthusiastic new runner Gail, who with two club members really showed the rest of us how to do it, by turning out on this wet evening.

My own excuse for not running was that I was still in bed trying to catch up on lost sleep, which I dare say is a sentiment lost on most. I’ll do better next week.