Torch Run – Tues 24 Nov 2015

A beautiful clear mild evening complete with bright moonlight, made for an idyllic run out to Crathes along the Deeside Way. Super turnout with Stuart, Chris, Jack, Sandy, Bill, Lesley, Dave, Liz, Paula, Mark, Gordon, Wendy, Helen, Gill, young Lesley, Paul, Simon and Kerry.

With 18 runners, I guess we did well to loose only one to a wrong turning. Fortunately the runner managed to self navigate back with a phone GPS in a flash. After a few breathless minutes of waiting, we were all quite relieved.

Club Run – Thurs 19 Nov 2015

A smaller group tonight, as is normal, but a cracking evening for a run. Temperature still up around 5 degrees, so no ice yet, but not far off really. John Mason ran with Liz, Bill, Mark, Lesley and Gordon was able to join us for the first time since his operation. Well done Gordon that was a record recovery.

Club Run – Tues 17 Nov 2015

Ten merry runners flitting down the road on another awesome evening included Jack, Helen, Sandy, Eric, Paula, Bill, Ali, Lesley, Kerry, Wendy and the other Lesley too.

Much talk about the need to support Sandy on the Boxing Day Fun Run particularly in the business of marshalling. We got volunteers and 3 who volunteered members of their family too. Well done all – nothing like a bit of conscripting to keep everybody on their toes.

Club Run – Thurs 12 Nov 2015

Storm Abigail unleashed torrents from the heavens in the late afternoon which put most people off the idea of training. Others may have be saving themselves for various events that are taking place over the weekend, but it was only Jack and Lesley that turned up. After a couple of k’s in not unpleasant rain, it turned dry, quiet and mild and we enjoyed a lovely run.