Club Run – Tue 28 June 2016

Being the last Tuesday of the month, we embarked on the Crathes Castle run starting from Scott Skinners. A gentle yet scenic 8k run enjoyed by Jan, Chris, David & Lesley nursing a sore foot, Rick, Helen, Liz, Wendy, Bill and Jack.

Castle Run

Tonight (Tuesday 28) is the Castle run again. Whoopee! Meet at Scott Skinners Bar just before 6.30pm for a gentle 8km loop out on the Deeside Way, around the Castle and back through Crathes Woods. For the more energetic there’s a 10km option with hills and fast roads, while for the less energetic, we have shorter, out-and-back options for however far you feel comfortable running or walking.

Summer Solstice – Midnight Express 20 June 2016

The elements contrived to produce ideal conditions for this club habit of running up Scolty in the middle of the night. Warm and windless, clear skies and a full moon saw 8 adventurous runners team up to make the celebratory trek up our local hill. Well done to Mark Mosgrove, Rick & Paula, Bill, Phil Morris, Fiona, Scott Moorhead and Chris.Banchory by night Midnight express 2016

Club Run – Thur 16 June 2016

Bill, Mark M, Lesley, Fiona, Liz, Helen and Jack enjoyed a cool but otherwise pleasant run. Some to the top of Scolty and others on the 7km route. Lots of surface water from rains all week.

Club Run – Tues 7 June 2016

A feisty turnout on this warm summer evening with Elsbeth, Jack, Paula, Laura, Ali, Wendy, Bill, Young Lesley, Jan, Helen and Annabel. Runners used all the routes including the 5, 7, 8 and 10km options.

Open Day – Tues 31 May 2016

Open day commenced with a short run of about 4km from the Scolty car park, followed by light refreshments after. The event was advertised by word of mouth and email. It was well attended by club runners and a few new folk too. Attended by Lesley, Ali, Maggie, Wendy, Mark C, Kerry, Ellie, Mark Wood, Elsbeth, Fiona, Gillian, Liz, Joe, Bill, Lesley C, Dave, Paula, Mark M and Jack were host to Laura, Emma, Mark Everard and Annabel.