Club Run – Thurs 21 July 2016

A rare gem of an evening in Scotland saw the five of us head up Scolty as a small group. That is, Bill, Gill, Ivana, Lesley and Jack. The hill is really not too bad if you run on the contour path and up around the back.

Club Run – Thur 7 July 2016

A pleasant evening for a run beside the Dee with Eve, Jack, Chris, Fiona and Ivana. On behalf of Banchory Running Club, I extend a warm welcome to Ivana, who has done little running but is as fit as a fiddle, no doubt thanks to her love of yoga. Ivana, I hope you are able to run with us often and give us a chance to convert you to this super sport and learn from you your passion for yoga.

John Mason started the run tonight, but resorted to cycling after having some leg trouble. Good on you John for finding a way to enjoy some exercise.