Club Run – Tues 30 Aug 2016

The popular Castle Run was attended by both Lesleys, Jan, Ali, Wendy, Jack and Gill. Fast Lesley did a gentle 5km in preparation for the Glen Moray Marathon series this weekend, while Jack enjoyed a longer variation to build up miles for his marathon later in September. The run around Crathes Castle, whether in summer or by torch in winter, is always a nice variation to the club’s normal routes.

Club Run – Tues 26 Aug 2016

A great night for a Castle run. Out along the Deeside Way to Milton of Crathes, then up the hill and around Crathes Castle before returning home through the estate forest and the main road. This run included Rob, Jack, Dave & Lesley, Mark M, Wendy, young Lesley, Fiona and Gillian.