Club Run – Thur 22 December 2016

‘Twas a great evening for a run, but it was only Sandy who turned out to carry responsibility for the club tradition of always running on a Tuesday and Thursday. Well done Sandy and the whole village is looking forward to your tradition of organising the annual Boxing Day Fun Run.

Club Run – Tuesday 13 Dec 2016

A damp but relatively mild night saw eleven of us engaged in various training initiatives.In the speed reps team were Lesley, Rachel, Seb, Fiona and Jack. The rest did a flat run including Mark Crawford, Gordon Smith, Dave, young Lesley, Wendy and Helen. It’s really good to see Gordon making a gradual but steady return to running after more than a year of injury time.

Club Run – Tues 6 December 2016

A wet 6 Celcius felt much warmer in the absence of any wind. Lively turnout with Jack, Gordon, Mark Crawford, Rick, Lesley, Wendy and Rachel. Some did 8km while others enjoyed the 10km route in easy style.