Club Run Tuesday 12 May 2015

David, Gordon, Mark, Paul, John, Sharon, Morag, Helen, Wendy, Rob and the two Lesley’s all ran tonight on the various routes.  Sun was out and it seems to be getting warmer again.

Don’t forget about the Saturday run, will be about 11 miles, meeting at the guide hut at 9am.

Club Run Tuesday 28 April 2015

David, Bill, Steven, Gordon, Mark, Kerry, Emily, Sharon, John, Helen and Lesley all ran on the various routes tonight, the weather changed and it was a lot colder.


Well done to everyone who raced at the weekend, there were some excellent times and some PB’s.

Club Run Thursday 23 April 2015

A warm welcome to Rosemary who joined us for the first time tonight.  John Mc, and Bill ran the 6k route, also John M, Rick and Lesley ran the 8k with Rosemary.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!!

Club Run Tuesday 19th August 2014

Weather is changing much colder tonight.  Bill, David, Shirley and Lesley all took it easy and ran the 5k route, Rob, Chris and Paul ran the 7k and 8k routes.


Good luck to those running the Fare Challenge on Sunday!!

Club Run Tuesday 15 June 2014

Welcome to Carine who ran with us for the first time tonight, she ran the 5k route with Jan.  Lesley ran the 7k route, Chris on the 8 and Bill ran a little more adventurous 15k.