Club Run – Thurs 27 April 2017

Cool evening with Rick, Paul, John Mac, Gordon and John Mason who introduced Jackie to the club. Some ran to the top while other enjoyed the flatter routes. Bill, Lesley, Fiona and Jack were busy with the C25K course at Burnett Park which is being very well attended by at least 20 runners.

Club Run – Tues 25 April 2017

After a stormy afternoon of rain, wind, hail and snow the evening actually turned out clear, still and sunny as the perfect backdrop to our monthly Castle Run. We were joined today by three runners new to club. A big Banchory welcome to Colin, Lesley and Sarah.

Bill, Lesley and Fiona were busy across at Burnett Park delivering the C25K starter course, but we still had runners John Mac, Jack, Gordon, Paul, Irene, Rachel. Seb and Rick too.

Club Run – Tues 11 April 2017

Bill and Lesley conducted the training across at Burnett Park for the “Couch to 5k” initiative. This was hugely successful with over 20 starters.


Back at the Guide Hut Paul and Fiona ran to the top and Jack, Mark Crawford, Mark Mosgrove, Rick, Gordon, Helen and Gill ran the 8k.

Club Run – Tues 4 April 2017

Bill introduced a new style of run tonight where we ran out for 20 minutes, turned around and ran back the same way. This was great in that the group all finished within a few minutes of each other, but necessarily used the out-and-back tactic, which could, I suppose, be a bit boring if we did it all the time. Never-the-less, it was a smashing afternoon for a run and enjoyed by Stan, Mark C, Jack, Gordon, Rick, Chris, Bill, Wendy, Rachel, young Lesley, Lesley our leader and Fiona too.