Club Run Tuesday 9 July 2013

Lovely evening. Warm and dry with no wind. 9 runners – Jack Rob, Lesley,Dandy, Bill, Rick, David, Morag and Irene. We had runners on all three distances. (5,7 and 8km) Talked about the new website and the need to login to Mapmyrun when viewing the course map links. jack to investigate. Also discussed upcoming Crathes Half Marathon and to search about for 4 volunteers to help with the race and also to man the club gazebo. jack to initiate a program to help first time entrants to train for the race.

Please enter your comments to leave any ideas or your name if you would rather volunteer than run.

Stonehaven Half Marathon Results


Pos Cat Pos Race No Name Time Chip Time Category Gender Gen Pos Club TOD
21 11 139 Steven Robertson 01:32:44 01:32:34 17-39 Male 19 banchory running club 12:48:47
59 16 215 Mark Crawford 01:40:02 01:39:53 40-49 Male 53 banchory running club 12:56:05
94 25 143 Smith Gordon 01:45:58 01:45:28 40-49 Male 84 banchory running club 13:02:01
104 16 188 Jack Honey 01:47:22 01:47:14 50-59 Male 94 banchory running club 13:03:25
169 74 201 David Dawson 01:57:54 01:57:27 17-39 Male 141 banchory running club 13:13:57
200 29 202 Lesley Cheyne 02:03:09 02:02:43 17-39 Female 41 banchory running club 13:19:12


I have to say that of all the races I run over the year, of all distances from 10km to 35.5 miles – the Stonehaven Half is my favourite. I think it’s a combination of the warm weather, great countryside and the hills. Yes, I can do hills, especially if there is a piper on the top bend to help drag out the last reserves of power, but its the last 6 miles in a marathon I really struggle with and of course that’s no issue in this race. I can just run fast without having to fear the total body breakdown of a marathon.

Club run on Thurs 4/7/13

Turnout of 7. Dave, Lesley, Morag, Steve, Gordon, Mark and Jack

Smashing weather for a run. Clear blue sky, 18 degrees and a gentle breeze.We opted for a plain run, some over the 7km and others the 8km route at a gentle pace to save ourselves for the Stonehaven Half Marathon on Sunday. I for one, ran intervals of fast for 2 minutes then slow for 2 minutes over the whole 8km to try impress on the grey matter between my ears that is my engine room, that on Sunday I will be calling for FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Good luck to those racing on Sunday. If there is anyone still wanting to enter the Stonehaven Half Marathon, there are at the time of writing, still places available. If that situation continues, they will accept registration on the day, otherwise you can do it online at EntryCentral until Saturday.

Time Trial 25 June 2013

Name Distance Time
Sandy 8km 39:00
John 8km 39:37
Marc 7km 36:27
Mark 8km 36:00
Steve 8km 34:10
Gordon 7+km 36:45
Rob 7km 36:56
Bill 7km 37:06
Lesley 7km 39:01
Rick 7km 38:41
Dave 7km 39:01
Allison 7km 39:00
Shirley 7km 38:53
David 7km 38:33
Francis 7km 36:25
Denise 7km 36:56
Julie 7km 37:30
Irene 5km 38:20