Saturday Club Run – 1 Aug 2015

The first Saturday run in August was a real treat for Lesley, Bill & Mark with weather sunny and warm. In fact we had the best of the day because it clouded over later. The big question is where were you all? Can a long lie with a cup of tea really compete with an 8 mile run over Scolty…….OK don’t answer that!

The run itself was uneventful but despite heavy hints on the prior Thursday Wendy failed to turn up as we passed through Strachan with coffee and scones. However we overcame our disappointment and headed over the bridge and up towards the Mill o Cammie. Mark fair loped along and managed to make me and Lesley look like we were crawling, without even breaking sweat, but we laboured on and it was all downhill from Blackness Farm.

Next up is the mighty Kerloch on 15 August with the added attraction of start/finish at Knockburn Cafe. But fear not! There are plenty of simple shorter runs available from there. See you then1508 Cammie loop