Club run on Thurs 4/7/13

Turnout of 7. Dave, Lesley, Morag, Steve, Gordon, Mark and Jack

Smashing weather for a run. Clear blue sky, 18 degrees and a gentle breeze.We opted for a plain run, some over the 7km and others the 8km route at a gentle pace to save ourselves for the Stonehaven Half Marathon on Sunday. I for one, ran intervals of fast for 2 minutes then slow for 2 minutes over the whole 8km to try impress on the grey matter between my ears that is my engine room, that on Sunday I will be calling for FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Good luck to those racing on Sunday. If there is anyone still wanting to enter the Stonehaven Half Marathon, there are at the time of writing, still places available. If that situation continues, they will accept registration on the day, otherwise you can do it online at EntryCentral until Saturday.