Club Run Tuesday 15 April 2014

Another lovely evening and a fine turnout of enthusiastic runners getting ready for a bumper season. Annabel is now very much part of the group and a big welcome to Asia (say Asha). Also-rans were Andy Mc, Ali, Lesley and daughter Izzy as well as Helen, Steve, Gordon and Bill.

Results for time trial follow;

Name Distance Time
Steve 8km 41:30
Gordon 8km 41:30
Asia 7km 41:40
Bill 8km 42:00
Lesley 7km 43:55
Annabel 7km 44:24
Ali 7km 44:38
Andy Mc 8km 47:30
Helen 7km 47:38
Izzy 5km 57:00
Lesley Y 5km 57:00