Club Run Tuesday 29 Oct 2013

Writer arrived late, so did the 10km route alone across the dark, cold and windswept terrain. Meanwhile a robust and energetic group of 17 runners enjoyed a variety of routes. Our chairman Rob was back on his feet for the first time since Loch Ness Marathon, struggling with shin splints. Gordon ran a short route, also fighting an injury. On the other hand, Steven seems pretty well recovered after his lay-off for an abs complaint and Jack’s calf muscle problem is but a distant memory now.

We are all that much more prone to injury in the colder months. My advise is to warm up properly before running, dress for the weather, plan a gradual strategy before ramping up your weekly mileage and more importantly to stop running if your body starts to hurt. A complete rest from running is usually the best solution if things do go wrong, to allow the body to heal itself. If you’re like me and mad about running, this can be the hardest thing in the world to do. Often our injury will actually heal more quickly when gently introduced to a different form of exercise during these lean weeks of abstinence. Swimming or cycling can be fun too.