Loch Ness Running Festival

BRC Results
Loch Ness Marathon – 2013
Mark Crawford 03:35:48
Gordon Smith 03:58:39
Rob Bain 04:07:57
Jack Honey 04:16:10
Arthur Ballantyne 05:01:04
Loch Ness 10km Race – 2013
Shirley Marshall 00:51:21
Ali Odds 01:00:01
Tracy Ballantyne 01:01:16
Lesley Young 01:10:04


Congratulations to all our runners who took part in this great event. The weather was about as good as it gets and we all had a ball. I find the course to be quite challenging in a non-lethal sort of way as it is rarely flat, but keeps the athlete running either up or down all the time. I wish I had more time to take photos or admire the view, but there was little of that lying around spare. Arthur had said before the race that he appreciated he was running a marathon only when his legs hurt. Well, mine hurt a lot and even 2 days later I am walking funny, so it must have been a marathon well worth appreciating.