Minutes from the AGM held on 10 April 2014



ON 10/4/2014 AT 20HR15



Present (13)

Steven Robertson (SR), Jack Honey (JH), Dave Dawson (DD), Lesley Cheyne (LC), Gordon Smith (GS), Mark Crawford (MC), Sandy Reid (SR), Nick Howard (NH), Lizzy Milne (LM), Bill Paul (BP), John McIntosh (JMc), John Mason (JM), Shirley Marshall (SM)


Apologies (3)

Rob Bain, Ali Odds, Jan Leatham


Welcome Address

JH welcomed everybody and delivered the annual report. He spoke of our vision statement outlining a target of getting at least 25 runners on our weekly runs. Club activity this June includes two open club runs over the River Festival and Starlight Express on the longest day. Both events have potential to attract more members. A list of forthcoming local events was presented with a plea for as many people as possible to support these by entering the events.


Confirmation of Minutes of last AGM

Proposed by SR and confirmed by GS


Matters Arising from Minutes of last AGM

There were no matters arising.


Treasurer’s Report

The bank balance is £342 which is from the membership fees paid less a number of expenses. Full breakdown supplied showing money spent on shirt stock and admin cost of website.


Election of Office Bearers

All positions on the committee were proposed, second and accepted unopposed.

Chairperson:                            Bill Paul

Treasurer:                                 Sandy Reid

Secretary:                                Jack Honey

Member without portfolio:     Gordon Smith

Member without portfolio:     Lesley Cheyne

Member without portfolio:     David Dawson

Member without portfolio      Rob Bain


Vote of thanks to outgoing executive

JH thanked outgoing chairman for his hard work in steering the club and single-handedly sorting our T-shirts.


Confirmation of fee structure

There was general consensus to keep the fees as they are and the treasurer confirmed there was no need to change them. Motion passed.


Urgent General Business

  1. LM offered to lead a Metafit class after the run on Tuesdays. This offer was keenly taken up by some members. The classes will start on Tuesday 22 April on the King George V Field at the Dee Street end out of the way of the football or alternatively on Belfield Park.
  2. JM raised the subject of 3rd party liability insurance for any event we organised. JH believes that using the current format of run organisation precludes the need for insurance, however JH will look into the matter and take advice from Scottish Athletics.


Any Other Business

  1. Rob and Dave had previously talked about introducing another weekly run on Saturday mornings. This might attract new members who could not manage week nights and was also a day when many of us run anyway. There was general agreement. This run will commence on Sat 3 May at 10am from the usual meeting place or as advertised.
  2. It was suggested we vary the routes we run on Tues and Thurs such as we did at the last club birthday from Scott Skinners. Motion approved unanimously.
  3. Some people didn’t know we had a website at www.banchoryrunningclub.com, so it was resolved to include the web page on the T-shirt print design.
  4. Ideas to raise the club profile and attract new members included;
    1. Work out how many miles we run as a club and create a feature around this.
    2. Print car bumper stickers.
    3. Include feature articles in the Piper and Drumoak & Durris Newsletter.
    4. Erect posters around Banchory, especially on the route most runners use along Hill of Banchory. 

      Meeting closed at 9.15pm





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      Bill Paul                                                                                  Jack Honey

      Club Chairman                                                                        Club Secretary