Autonomy and
Active Safety

As a company committed to putting people first, safety is always top of mind. We’re among the best in the industry at keeping operators safe on the job, developing integrated systems that actively protect users and autonomous capabilities that drive efficiency and help keep them out of harm’s way. Our innovations provide operators with the freedom and peace of mind needed to focus on the task at hand, helping our customers manage costs, focus on productivity and safely conquer extraordinary challenges.

AI-powered perception

Autonomous operation isn’t possible without accurate information. Our robotic perception technologies leverage systems like LIDAR, RADAR, cameras and GPS with advanced machine learning algorithms to enable independent operation in complex and changing environments. Already present in several of our prototype products, these AI-enabled perception systems are a critical component in the fully autonomous vehicles of the future.

Pursuing an autonomous everyday

One of our primary objectives is bringing the benefits of autonomy to the broader communities where we live and work. Our teams are hard at work realizing the promise of intelligent military and refuse vehicles, starting with the robotic perception technologies that make autonomous operation possible. We’re using a wide array of sensing technologies to gather rich data—data we then use to train novel machine learning algorithms to identify and distinguish objects in a vehicle’s path. This unique capability allows the autonomy system to intelligently and competently negotiate complex terrain and avoid obstacles. It will ultimately enable fully autonomous operations within communities around the world, built on technology flexible enough to accommodate new behaviors across a wide variety of industries and applications.

Autonomous vehicles

Our vehicles are designed to help users overcome some of the toughest, most extreme environments on the planet. Their autonomous counterparts are no different. We’re prototyping autonomous applications in almost every industry we serve, taking advantage of every opportunity to promote operator safety and customer efficiency without sacrificing vehicle performance in mission-critical settings.



Amplifying individual capabilities

One of the most exciting near-term applications of autonomous technology is Leader-Follower capability, which enables a series of unmanned vehicles to “follow” a single manned lead vehicle.

Oshkosh Defense is partnering with the U.S. Military, Robotic Research and DCS Corporation to test solutions that allow for both force protection and force multiplication, reducing exposure to the dangers associated with battlefield movement and providing increased flexibility in deployment. While this technology is particularly promising for defense applications, we’re actively exploring how to extend the benefits of Leader-Follower technology to commercial enterprises, including refuse collection.

Integrated safety

Safety is a team effort. We're developing integrated safety systems that can keep drivers safe and connected to one another, protecting those who use our products so they can focus on the task at hand. From sensor enabled warnings to vehicle-to-vehicle alerts, our technology does more than simply help keep operators safe—it helps them rise to any challenge at a moment's notice.

Staying in the know while on the road

We’re focused on solutions that enhance not only the safety of those who operate our vehicles, but also those who share the road with them. In partnership with HAAS Alert, Oshkosh Corporation is implementing real-time vehicle-to-vehicle alerting for consumer platforms to alert nearby drivers to fire apparatus and ambulances in their vicinity. Alerts like these can keep all motorists alert while ensuring first responders can quickly and safely respond to collisions or emergencies. Today, we’re exploring how to apply these technologies across our commercial products, expanding their use beyond first responder audiences to encompass as many vehicles on the road as possible.