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Built for breakthrough

At Oshkosh Corporation, we do more than build machines — we advance industries. We design with the future in mind, creating and implementing AI-enabled products, autonomous vehicles powered by machine learning, and other advanced technologies capable of moving entire industries forward. And with a diverse family of brands that share their latest advances across the business, we can promise each product will be designed better than the last.

One innovation. Endless applications.

At Oshkosh, we measure our success by the difference we make in people’s lives. To maximize the impact of our innovations, we’re constantly collaborating across the business to ensure everything we create is making the biggest difference possible. The result? Engineering breakthroughs capable of serving multiple industries. Data-driven insights that enhance a diverse set of products. And digital technologies that can be implemented across our expansive portfolio.

Rear suspension Tak4

Patented TAK-4® independent suspension system

TAK-4® Independent Suspension

Initially developed by Oshkosh Corporation, this independent suspension system has evolved into the gold standard of mobility for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. The TAK-4® and TAK-4i systems increase mobility, off-road speed and load-carrying capacity, improving ride quality while lowering life-cycle costs. The technology is featured in Oshkosh Defense, Pierce and Oshkosh Airport vehicles around the world, helping critical personnel overcome daunting terrain at high speeds.

Baja 1000 off-road racecourse map

Undeterred by

There’s no roadmap for innovation. Our global team collaborates across industries and businesses to create products that change the way people and communities work — no matter the scope of the challenge. We are unflinching in our pursuit of possibility, constantly exploring new ways to design, test and refine the technologies that will move the world forward. From grueling desert races to partnerships with leading academic institutions, our sometimes unconventional approach consistently results in unprecedented outcomes.

Racing towards a
greater impact

Military vehicles face uncertainty at every moment, and the Oshkosh Defense JLTV is no exception. In an effort to test the vehicle in extreme conditions similar to those found in a wide range of combat theaters, we raced our Light Combat Tactical Vehicle (hybrid predecessor of the JLTV) in the 2010 Baja 1000, a 1,061-mile race across Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. The LCTV accomplished what nearly 40 percent of racers failed to do — complete the challenging course. In doing so, we proved the performance of our prototype systems and battled our way back into the competition for the U.S. Military’s historic JLTV contract.

A history of leading the way


patents have been awarded to Oshkosh Corporation since we were founded

For over 100 years, we have been combining our leading technology, operational strength and powerful team to deliver innovations that empower the everyday hero. Today, we have more than 800 active patents in over 30 countries. Approximately 50% of our active patents are foreign and 50% are U.S.

Foreign vs US Patents pie chart

development of the Oshkosh® ProPulse® hybrid diesel-electric system

first diesel-electric hybrid truck to finish the grueling Baja 1000 off road endurance competition

first fully electric front discharge concrete placement prototype vehicle

first fully electric, zero-emission Pierce® Volterra™ Platform of Electric Vehicles