Employee Business Resource Groups

Our seven Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs) are incredibly important to us because inclusion and belonging are critical components of our People First culture. For that reason, we offer our team members the opportunity to join a variety of EBRGs. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, work experience and more, we offer groups that serve Black, veteran, LGBTQ+ and disability communities, to name a few. Our full list of EBRGs is below.

Oshkosh team members standing outside on a sunny day holding pride flags

Our Employee Business Resource Groups

Black Oshkosh Corporation Young Professionals Network logo
We provide opportunities to promote personal development, cross functional relationships and community engagement.  
Black Oshkosh Corporation Women
We focus on creating an environment that enables women to enhance and demonstrate their strengths.  
Black Oshkosh Corporation Military Network logo
Our mission is to recruit, rally and recognize our community of veterans and service members. 
Black Oshkosh Corporation Intergenerational Network logo
We strive to increase cohesion and knowledge transfer between generations and provide recognition throughout team members’ careers.  
Black Oshkosh Corporation Abilities Network logo
We provide awareness to our team members for the purpose of eliminating disability-related stigmas.  
Black Oshkosh Corporation Pride & Equality Network logo
We bring visibility to the challenges and success of the LGBTQ+ community, embrace different perspectives and empower our communities.  
Black Oshkosh Corporation Culture Connect 360 Network logo
We focus on welcoming, developing and advancing team members to cultivate a diverse and inclusive culture.


"Our Culture Connect 360 Network engages our team members, provides awareness and leverages our diverse cultures and perspectives to enhance our inclusive culture. I’m proud to be the executive sponsor of our Culture Connect 360 EBRG because creating a stronger culture of belonging and inclusion for our team members is not only important to our company, but to me personally."

Ignacio Cortina, EVP General Counsel & Secretary

How you feel at work matters

We’re focused on building an inclusive culture where you feel a sense of belonging and can make a real difference in people’s lives. A culture where you feel valued, included and cared for. Our seven EBRGs help create a space where you can be your unique self. They allow you to connect with other team members by sharing experiences, networking and joining a community that embraces individuality, and are just one way we are helping people like you feel right at home.

Demonstrating we belong

Our Oshkosh Pride and Equality Network EBRG participated in the Milwaukee PRIDE parade as a way to demonstrate Oshkosh’s commitment to fostering a connected culture. Year after year, team members and their loved ones have such a great time supporting an inclusive community with enthusiasm. Our People First culture fuels an environment where every team member feels valued and empowered to be their full self.

 Oshkosh team members participating the Milwaukee Pride Parade outside

Juneteenth celebration

Recently, our Culture Connect 360 Network and Young Professionals Network co-hosted an event in celebration of Juneteenth, increasing awareness and education about its importance. Oshkosh team members, both in-person and virtually, had the opportunity to hear first-hand from Tyrone Jordon (TJ), Board of Directors for Oshkosh Corporation, about key characteristics that helped him be successful. They were challenged to find ways to look out for other people’s interests in the actions we do every day, including being courageous enough to ask the hard questions and step out to do what’s right.

 Team members standing with Tyrone Jordon (TJ), Board of Director for Oshkosh Corporation

Creating awareness about Autism

Our Oshkosh Corporation Abilities Network (OCAN) EBRG hosted our first ever in-person and virtual autism awareness event, Autism: Always Unique. Oshkosh team members had the opportunity to learn more about autism awareness and what it’s like to live and work with autism. This event was planned entirely by our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion intern, Jarod Falk, who is on the spectrum himself. We are so proud of Jarod for organizing this event and spreading awareness throughout our organization to help eliminate disability-related stigmas and barriers. Thank you for making a difference, Jarod!

 Team members standing in front of an Oshkosh vehicle inside an office building